How Colour-Coded Storage Cabinets Improve Efficiency ?

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Colour coding works and can be very beneficial in the business world and with storage cabinets. Colour coding leads to the more efficient retrieval of business records, disposition and retention, an improvement in decision making and a reduction in operational downtime, a lower risk of legal sanctions and fewer lost opportunities. 

How does it work?

The assignment of standard colours to different elements is the key to the colour coding. Colours provide a visual clue to users that works a lot faster than just text on its own and storage cabinets offer a fast method of identifying which areas of the cabinet are storing which particular items. 

Easy identification

The implementation of colour-coded storage cabinets can bring a wide array of benefits to employees at all stages of operations. The most obvious benefit is of course that it is easy for employees to learn and adapt to the system as colours and objects are quickly associated by the human brain when observing patterns. An effective colour-coded storage cabinet system can cut down on the time spent searching for particular supplies and tools. 

Separation of different supplies

Colour-coded storage cabinets can be used by a large number of different industries. They can help food processing facilities to avoid cross-contamination, distinguish electrical supplies from plumbing supplies in maintenance rooms and be used in hospitals to identify the likes of various medication types to hazardous waste. Colour coding is a very effective method of ensuring similar items can be kept in close proximity to one another without the risk of being mixed up. 

The designation of zones in facilities

The creation of colour-coded zones in certain facilities makes it simple to spot when items of equipment or tools are not in their right places. This can be of particular help in facilities that have to make certain that particular resources stay close to where they are most required. If a particular colour-coded storage cabinet is only used in one particular room, it is easy for a worker to spot when one is in the wrong place. 

Implementing colour-coded storage cabinets

It is easy to colour code a storage cabinet and there are a variety of ways in which it can be implemented. A colour-coded storage cabinet system can be as basic as just using storage cabinets that are already differently coloured to demonstrate the product type they are storing. Another method is to use all particular storage cabinets with labels that are colour coded. 

A best practice that is important to use when implementing colour-coded storage cabinets in a workplace is to make sure that colour-coded reference charts are posted so that employees can always be reminded of the meaning of each individual colour. It is also a good idea to have storage cabinets with the same colour coding grouped together so there is only a small area that users need to search to find what they are looking for. 

Colour-coded storage cabinets can greatly reduce the time required to locate supplies. 

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