Netbasequid, Social Analytics Company


NetbaseQuid is a social analytics company that provides a suite of products for analyzing and understanding the changing dynamics of social data across the internet. NetbaseQuid’s offerings include Netbase, which offers insights into significant trends in global internet conversations and is closely watched, which ranks and classifies influential Twitter users based on in-depth qualitative analysis.

The mainly major in;

1. Brand & G-Voice Optimizer

This product provides a unique brand monitoring solution that helps analyze global search trends, social media conversations, and voice of choice to ensure brands are heard. The tool also allows users to access the latest data locally and globally and leverage advanced analytics to improve their brand’s effectiveness.

2. Global Insights on Social Media

Netbase provides the most comprehensive insights into significant trends in global internet conversations by tracking over 100 million real-time social conversations across ten languages and 30+ countries and millions of real-time search queries per day.

3. Global Search Analytics

Closely watched ranks and classifies influential Twitter users based on in-depth qualitative analysis, allowing users to see how their followers respond to critical events and topics around the world. The tool also provides a clear picture of influential Twitter users who drive conversations in real-time and a unique insight into how search queries connect to social media activity.

4. Social Media Tools

This suite of products provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools that help analyze and understand social data across the internet. Also, these tools allow the user to stay connected and up to date with crucial global news trends and events, which can help them make informed business decisions.

5. SDK for Advertisers

NetbaseQuid provides a complete SDK for advertisers who want to run their campaigns across multiple social networks and channels or gather rich insights from their current campaigns. Thus, the platform’s ad-serving tool helps advertisers reach their desired audience and saves time, money, and resources by reducing manual monitoring costs and eliminating the need for multiple third-party tools.

6. Global Content Analysis

Netbase and CloselyWatched are used by brands, newsrooms, academic institutions, and agencies worldwide to understand social media trends better and make informed business decisions.

7. Media Partnerships

By using social media tools NetbaseQuid provides a complete service solution for media partnerships with leading social networks, search engines, and publishers worldwide. Through these partnerships, the company offers its customers access to proprietary data in addition to access to an exclusive social media panel that helps them reach a targeted audience and gain valuable insights from their campaigns.

8. Science Partnerships

The Scientific Committee comprises experts in various fields, including cognitive sciences and sociologists. This group leads the company to develop innovative products that enhance all Netbase technologies.

9. Partial Investments

NetbaseQuid also provides partial investments to promising startups focusing on social media and search startups. These investments help the company to stay connected with the social media community and quickly identify profitable products that could be added to its portfolio.

There are a lot of technology companies that provide insight into social media data and help business people in making decisions based on them. However, NetbaseQiid is one of the oldest and most prominent companies focusing on social media analytics. This is their main advantage over other competitors. They will not let you down if you are implementing social media strategies. They have a solid track record and have been around for some time. While their technology is good, what makes them great is that they have people behind their product who use it day in and out. The staff at NetbaseQuid are a part of the product, so they can tell you what to do and how to use it most effectively.

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