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Protolabs Partners With 330MW Technologies for Medical Device Prototypes

Protolabs is a world leader in rapid digital manufacturing and works with thousands of product designers in Europe every year. Their investment in new technology will allow them to meet the needs of their customers who demand rapid development and delivery. The company’s investment will also create 60 new, high-skilled jobs in the region.

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Protolabs is a company that offers high-end rapid prototyping services for small-series parts. Its 3D Hubs platform allows users to upload designs and receive a price quote instantly. Once a part is submitted online, Protolabs can begin production and deliver the part in a matter of days. The company uses CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding processes to create 3D objects.

With their platform, Protolabs is a leading global provider of online manufacturing services. They offer instant pricing and design feedback through their network of premium manufacturing partners in over 20 countries. These partnerships allow for vast manufacturing capacity, diverse product capabilities, and competitive pricing. In addition, Protolabs recently acquired 3D Hubs for $280 million. The company also has quality assurance systems in place and continuously audits its facilities to ensure that they produce the highest-quality products.

The acquisition of 3D Hubs, a leading online manufacturing marketplace, will allow Protolabs to increase its customer base and expand geographically. The company’s customers can now choose from a wider range of manufacturing options, which will improve the overall production process and customer experience.

3D Hubs

3D Hubs is a 3D manufacturing platform that connects manufacturers with the right partners and the right products. With over 240 vetted partners, 3D Hubs is a reputable company that generates more than $15 million in revenue from CNC Services and more than $7 million from 3D printing. The company puts a high emphasis on the quality of parts produced. It also conducts upfront audits and ongoing evaluations of partner performance. This monitoring ensures the quality of the parts being produced and the reliability of the partner.

3D Hubs’ online platform connects users with premium manufacturing partners worldwide. Users can upload their design, receive an instant quote, and start the production process online. 3D Hubs’ network includes premium manufacturers in over 20 countries. The company has received over $30 million in funding from investors, and has produced over six million custom parts for customers.

Protolabs is a US-based manufacturer of custom parts. The company acquired 3D Hubs to provide customers with access to 240+ manufacturing partners. The combined companies will provide users with a comprehensive solution to produce complex and unique 3D parts. The combined services will enable the users to get the products they need in a timely manner.

The acquisition of 3D Hubs will enable Protolabs to expand its customer base, broaden its capabilities, and offer a wider range of lead times and pricing options. This will enable Protolabs to accelerate its growth strategy and serve more industries with lower cost and faster turnaround times. In addition, the two companies will be able to expand geographically and increase their part envelope.


Protolabs is a manufacturing company that specializes in prototyping and manufacturing components for medical devices. This includes 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding. They have produced hundreds of prototypes and parts for HemoSonics, including mechanical frames, robotic fixturing, thermal control units, and pneumatic manifolds.

When designing the Quantra System, HemoSonics sought the help of a contract manufacturer. This made it necessary to design prototypes that could be manufactured using 3D printing and injection molding. The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer is designed for critical care settings and uses disposable cartridges to make the process fast and easy.

While designing the Quantra, the company opted to use ABS plastic for its casings, which met FDA regulations while maintaining durability. It was also produced using a process called heat staking, which uses a heated stake to melt metal threaded inserts. The process allows for a secure attachment of screws to the casing.

Quantra System

When HemoSonics decided to bring their Quantra System to market, they needed a contract manufacturer who could produce a range of prototype parts. They needed small parts that would be about the size of a computer monitor, so they could demonstrate how the Quantra System worked. Protolabs was able to meet their requirements using multiple manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing.

The Quantra System uses rapid digital manufacturing techniques to produce custom prototypes in a matter of days. The system combines 3D printing with machining and injection molding. The system is also able to perform sheet metal fabrication. In addition to the rapid production of prototypes, engineers are able to use other methods such as heat staking and pad printing to ensure the precision of the product. After years of development, the Quantra System is now available in Europe and will be coming to the U.S. in the near future.

When HemoSonics wanted to demonstrate its new system to physicians, they needed prototype parts. They worked with PL to develop prototype casing parts using injection molding and 3D printing. The process was complicated, as the engineers needed to make parts of the Quantra System in a Pantone-compatible color.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an essential component of the manufacturing process. It helps companies avoid mistakes and deliver quality parts. It also helps to minimize waste and improve productivity. This approach encourages repeat business and customer satisfaction. Protolabs has dedicated itself to quality control and employs a quality management system. It offers a variety of rapid manufacturing services.

Protolabs provides a wide range of manufacturing services, including 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding. The company specializes in custom manufacturing, so lead times are often very short. Protolabs has manufacturing facilities in Maple Plain, Minnesota, Nashua, NH, and Raleigh, NC. The company has also established operations in Germany, England, and Japan.

The company also offers on-demand manufacturing services. Through its platform, customers can upload their designs and receive quotes within minutes. In addition, Protolabs has built a network of premium manufacturing partners around the world. These partnerships enable Protolabs to offer its customers the best value and flexibility.

Protolabs’ manufacturing facilities are equipped with a wide range of equipment. Because it’s technology agnostic, Protolabs will use the equipment that best suits their customers’ needs. These facilities are clean, organized, and climate-controlled.

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